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Unarmed Security Guards in Marblehead, MA

Our Unarmed Security Guards are professional, well-trained, qualified and focused on protecting your property, your people, and your assets. Our uniformed unarmed security officers can also be deployed in plainclothes or business attire, to blend in with the crowd and remain covert. Although most clients prefer that we provide them with a uniformed officer, we certainly from time to time have to deal with operations and assignments that would require an undercover officer. Typically our undercover or plain clothes, business attire security personnel are usually from our special operations division and are often off duty or retired policemen, working in the capacity of a security operative or agent.

All of our officers are well trained, highly qualified, licensed, insured, and bonded. Our unarmed guards can be hired at a moment’s notice for temporary emergency guard service or on a permanent contractual basis. Uniformed Unarmed Officers are available to be deployed 24 hour a day, 365 days a year.

We are prepared to serve you and provide you with unarmed security guard patrol officers in Marblehead, MA. We provide security guards for various different types of clients, businesses, organizations, companies, residential communities, industry, commercial, retail, hospitality, hotels, casinos, dispensaries, medical and healthcare facilities, construction sites, car dealerships, autoports, airports, seaports, events, and personal protection. We have a security solution that will meet or exceed your needs. We are the only licensed security firm in Marblehead that is able to provide verifiable training, 24-hour dispatch, and electronic GPS monitoring of all guards and their activities.