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Executive Protection Services

At One Protection, we understand the importance of executive protection for important individuals and corporations. Our security services are designed to limit access to our clients and deescalate potentially distressing situations, as well as provide rapid removal from an area if necessary. We recognize the need for our agents to possess the skills necessary to recognize and handle situations that may arise during special events such as concerts, conventions, and other activities. 

Our trained agents are able to prevent potential threats before they occur, while also presenting a professional and efficient image for the client. Additionally, we are happy to work with clients who have existing personnel, and we can tailor our uniforms to match, creating a seamless security detail.

Our Executive Protection Specialists are highly trained and experienced professionals, recruited from local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. They are schooled and trained in the latest tactics and techniques used by the world’s leading executive protection agencies, and are well-versed in conducting advance operations, security site surveys, security planning, defensive driving, martial arts, firearms training and basic life support (BLS). 

Our agents adhere to U.S. Secret Service principles and best practices, and are committed to providing the highest standard of personal security. We believe that Executive Protection Specialists are more than just bouncer-like bodyguards; they are meticulous planners with an extraordinary attention to detail and the ability to identify and prepare for potentially risky situations.